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10 Best Restaurants in the Maldives | Food Lovers’ Resorts

The Maldives is a truly magical part of the world, with mesmerizing sunsets and pristine beaches that you can’t help but fall in love with. This island archipelago is home to some of the most luxurious resorts in the world, and where there are fantastic resorts, exceptional food is not far behind. However, with over […]

Maldives Resorts With Private Pools – Serene Island Escapes

Are you ready to dive into luxury? These Maldives resorts with private pools offer sublime serenity like no other. There’s nothing better than taking in the crystal clear ocean on your relaxing vacation in the Maldives. It’s fair to say visiting one of the world’s leading tourist destinations is a spectacular opportunity. Between sightseeing and […]

Domestic Transportation In The Maldives | Maldives Travel Guide

Once you’ve booked your dream Maldivian getaway, everything regarding your trip will be pretty much set in stone. But what about domestic transportation in the Maldives? What should you expect? Any trip to this archipelago will deliver once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are not easy to come by. From uber-luxurious all-inclusive resorts right down to the epic […]

Experience Seaplanes In The Maldives | What You Should Know

Although super famous and a tourist destination of note, the archipelago of the Maldives is somewhat isolated. While easily accessible, one of the best ways to enhance your adventure is to experience seaplanes in the Maldives. A trip to the archipelago is already a magical adventure where stunning white sandy beaches meet crystal clear ocean […]

Best Island in Maldives for Couples | Top Honeymoon Resorts

The Maldives is an island nation dotted with 1000s of islands boasting a charming beauty that’s propelled them to global fame. White-sand beaches, beautiful corals, and lagoons are among the top natural attractions on these atolls and islets. In addition to the natural splendor, many man-made all-inclusive resort islands magnify the beauty of the Maldives. […]

Water Sports in the Maldives | An Aquaphiliacs Paradise

It’s no surprise that the Maldives has for long, continues to, and will always be a paradise for anyone looking for the ultimate aquatic adventure. Read our guide to find out if the water sports in the Maldives live up to expectations. With its rich history as a world-famous holiday destination, the island archipelago has […]

8 Unique Experiences in the Maldives | Activities & Sights to See

The Maldives is a beautiful archipelago of islands within the Indian Ocean. There is plenty to enjoy on this lovely island country, from snorkeling amongst an old shipwreck to helping rebuild the fragile coral reefs. Planning a vacation isn’t easy, so it’s essential you find all the unique experiences in the Maldives that will make […]

When Is The Rainy Season In Maldives | Insider’s Guide

In the midst of planning your next (or even better, your first) trip to this beautiful island archipelago? Well, the most essential piece of information you can have is, “when is the rainy season in the Maldives?” Due to its prime location close to the equator, the Maldives benefits from stable and accommodating weather year-round. […]

Best Time to Visit the Maldives | Top Time in the Year to Travel

From creating the perfect tan to constructing sandcastles on glistening beaches, the Maldives is the ultimate place to build your dream summer vacation.  This collection of islands with luxury Maldives resorts dotted along its pristine plains has a wonderland to offer. Whether you’re a cocktail sipper or aquamarine sea water dipper, you’ll have the time […]