Malé International Airport, also known as Velana International Airport, is the main international airport in the Maldives. It is located on Hulhulé Island, near the capital city, Malé. From Malé International Airport (MLE) to the resorts in the Maldives, there are several Maldives airport transportation options available. Depending on the location of your chosen resort. The most common transfer methods are found below.

Popular Transportation Options

Maldives airport transportation - seaplane

Seaplane Transfers

Seaplanes are a popular mode of transport for resorts located on distant or remote islands. After arriving at the airport, passengers board a seaplane for a scenic flight over the turquoise waters, coral reefs, and atolls to reach their resort’s lagoon. Seaplanes offer a unique and picturesque experience. However they usually operate during daylight hours, and their availability depends on the distance and location of the resort.

Speedboat Transfers

Speedboats are commonly used for resorts that are situated closer to Malé or the main island. They provide a convenient and quick transfer option, especially for resorts located within a relatively short distance from the airport. Speedboats operate 24 hours a day, making them suitable for travelers arriving in the evening or during the night. Check with us so we can coordinate the proper check in date at the resort!

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Manta Airlines - domestic air - Maldives airport transportation

Domestic Flight + Speedboat Transfers

For resorts located on more distant islands with domestic airports, travelers may take a domestic flight. This flight would fly from Malé International Airport to the nearest island airport. Followed by a speedboat transfer to their resort. This option is used for resorts on atolls that have a domestic airport on their island. The two most popular domestic airlines are Maldivian Airlines and Manta Air.

Least Common Transfer Options

Yacht Transfers

Some high-end resorts offer private yacht transfers for guests who seek a luxurious and exclusive arrival experience. Arrange a private yacht in advance for an ultra pampering experience. They will pick up guests directly from the airport and whisk them away to their luxurious 5-star resort. Check in to your villa and relax!

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Dhoni Transfers

Dhonis are traditional Maldivian wooden boats. These boats make great transfers to nearby resorts. Particularly those on the same atoll as the airport. This transportation option offers a more authentic and leisurely transfer experience.

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