Maldives Packing List – Island Vacation Essentials

So you’ve booked your trip to the Maldives, and it’s time to pack your bags. If you aren’t sure what to bring along, this ultimate Maldives packing list will ensure you’ve packed all the essentials for your coastal getaway.

This collection of islands is all about relaxation and making unforgettable memories. You’ll be spending your time sipping cocktails and soaking up the stunning sights, swimming with tiger sharks, trying out the best of the Maldives’ watersports, and having exquisite meals. With such a jam-packed itinerary, you don’t want to leave anything behind.

Are you ready to dive in?

Maldives, What To Pack: Clothing, Accessories, and More

For your luxurious vacation under the Maldivian sun, you can pack relatively light. Warm weather means you should carry lightweight and layerable clothing for the day and something smart but casual for the evenings.

Of course, you’ll likely spend most of your days exploring the best of the Maldives’ attractions, like the white sand beaches and plentiful marine life. So swimwear is a must on your Maldives packing list.

Here is everything you’ll need for vacationing in the Maldives.


It’s important to note that if you’re enjoying the ocean on any of the Maldives’ public beaches on the main island of Malé, you’ll need to dress fairly conservatively. The Maldives is considered a Muslim country. As a tourist, respecting the local culture while enjoying everything it offers is encouraged.

While most resorts are on private islands, it’s recommended that tourists pack modest swimwear for more public areas in the resort. However, private resort islands are generally more lenient with their dress codes, especially Maldives resorts with private pools.

While participating in water activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing, kayaking, and wakeboarding, you might be most comfortable in a one-piece bathing suit. 

Beach-Friendly Daytime Clothing

For maximum comfort while lounging around on the Maldives’ best beaches or venturing through the mainland, thin, breathable clothing is recommended. While packing for your vacation, make sure to carry a few comfortable pieces of clothing as everyday wear that can be worn over your swimwear.

Everyone should pack a few short and long-sleeved button-down linen shirts. These are fantastically versatile and can easily suit smart-casual dinners and lunches. For hanging around the resort, shorts are essential. Classic denim, dark green, and stone-colored shorts are your best bet, as they pair well with almost everything.

In general, neutral colors in soft linen perfectly complement the white sand beaches, but solid contrasting colors like black or navy look stunning too.

If you’re heading out to explore the mainland, ladies can wear long, loose-fitting pants and a short-sleeved shirt or a long ankle-length dress. Men should wear long pants or three-quarter shorts.

Temperatures in the Maldives rarely drop below the 70s, so jackets or jerseys are not needed on your Maldives packing list. However, if you are visiting the country during its rainy season, from May to November, you should be prepared to experience daily showers, which may hinder your day trips. If you decide to brave the rain, simply ask your resort’s reception staff for umbrellas.

Evening Wear In The Maldives

The Maldives is a paradise for food lovers. From the delectable local cuisine to the world-class international flavors, the food scene in this country is not something you want to miss. To make the most of it, visit some of the Maldives’ best restaurants while island hopping.

Depending on which Maldives resort you’re staying at, you may need to dress up a little in the evenings. At the Maldives’ most expensive resorts, you’ll find that guests typically wear smart and elegant clothing at meal times, even though there are very few resorts that strictly follow a formal dress code. Shorts, swimwear, or beach sandals may not be allowed in the resorts’ restaurants, so make sure to pack enough clothes for all occasions.

Formal pants or a classic pair of jeans can simply be paired with a dress shirt or a golf shirt. Men should pack a pair of loafers or dress shoes and a sports coat for upscale restaurants. At dinner, ladies will generally wear a simple but elegant dress, or a blouse with formal pants or a skirt, with heels or flat sandals.

Typically, family-oriented resorts are less strict about guests’ formal wear. However, you’ll still find that in the Maldives, clothing that is loose-fitting and modest is encouraged, and the use of swimwear in dining areas is not allowed. Contact Go Ocean for more information and advice.

Active Wear

Most resorts on the archipelago have in-house fitness facilities and extensive activity programs for all ages, such as yoga classes. If you can see yourself getting active on your Maldives island vacation, make sure to pack suitable activewear.

Modest dressing should still be practiced; thus, everyone is encouraged to wear loose-fitting workout clothing. There are a few jogging trails around the islands, so make sure to pack a pair of trainers and a sun hat. 

Packing a water bottle is unnecessary as you can request a few bottles for your adventures from your resort. Most resorts will even arrange snacks or picnic baskets for your day trips around the islands.


Sunglasses and sunhats are essential. Temperatures here rarely drop below 75°F, and the sun shines on most days. If you’re out and about on the beach, shade can be scarce, so protection from the sun is very important. 

Wide-brimmed hats are the most suitable for the Maldives. In case you forget yours, you’ll find that hats and sunglasses are sold at most resorts and in the city.

Carry a small beach bag to fit your gadgets, accessories, and dry clothes while you indulge in the ocean’s serenity. Pack in a sarong or two for quick coverups and an extra pair of sandals if you’re away from your resort.

Wearing jewelry on the beach is not recommended, especially if you are swimming in the ocean. However, make sure to pack a few pieces of jewelry for the evenings. 

Cosmetic Products and Medication

You’ll be happy to know that most islands of the Maldives are regularly sprayed to kill and repel insects. Unlike most countries with tropical climates, you won’t have to carry bug repellent with you or get malaria shots. 

However, there is one thing you shouldn’t leave home without, sunscreen. High SPF sunscreen is essential to protect yourself from the harsh sun while you’re out on the waves. Ideally, you should reapply sunscreen every two hours. It is also readily available at most resorts and on the mainland in case you run out.

Because the Maldives is made up of many small islands, and traveling between them sometimes requires a seaplane, getting medical assistance can be tricky. For that reason, it is imperative that you carry any chronic medication that you may need. 

Chronic medication can be carried through the border in a reasonable quantity with a prescription from your doctor. With that in mind, most resorts have an in-house doctor or medically trained staff for emergencies. 


During your stay in the Maldives, there will be no shortage of picture-perfect moments and spectacular sights to capture, such as magnificent sunrises, sunsets, and crystal blue waters. So, don’t forget to put your camera, extra batteries, lenses, and memory cards on your Maldives packing list if you don’t want to miss out on anything.

The island archipelago’s marine life is wonderful. If you plan on going snorkeling or diving in the Maldives, you might bump into sea turtles, whale sharks, a variety of tropical fish, and manta rays. Because the country takes marine conservation very seriously, you are unlikely to find such pristine ocean life anywhere else in the world. For that reason, having a good-quality underwater camera is recommended.

Of course, everything about the Maldives is worth capturing. If you want to bring a drone for some unbeatable aerial shots, you’ll first need to brush up on the Maldives’ drone laws and check if your resort allows drones. Most high-end resorts don’t allow drones to protect the privacy of other guests on the island.

The Maldives uses types D and G power sockets, which are similar to the UK, Hong Kong, and India. To avoid confusion, pack a universal travel adapter. And don’t forget the charging cables for all of your devices.

What To Pack for the Plane

Depending on where in the world you’re traveling from, you might be in for a long flight. In your carry-on bag, pack your important documents, such as your passport, prescriptions, a copy of your itinerary, and your boarding pass. It’s also a good idea to pack your medication, electronic devices, and reading material in there as well. 

To freshen up, pack travel-safe quantities of your cosmetics and a toothbrush and toothpaste. Always make sure to pack at least one change of clothes in your carry-on in case your baggage gets lost along the way.

Final Thoughts on What To Pack for the Maldives

Now that you know everything, from getting to the Maldives to the best attractions and what to wear in the Maldives, all you have to do is pack your bags and board your flight. With the help of this ultimate Maldives packing list, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience on your island vacation.

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