8 Unique Experiences in the Maldives | Activities & Sights to See

The Maldives is a beautiful archipelago of islands within the Indian Ocean. There is plenty to enjoy on this lovely island country, from snorkeling amongst an old shipwreck to helping rebuild the fragile coral reefs. Planning a vacation isn’t easy, so it’s essential you find all the unique experiences in the Maldives that will make your holiday unforgettable.

You are not short of fun and exciting activities in the Maldives, from scuba diving in the coral reefs to fast-paced watersports. You can go diving or enjoy watersports anywhere, but there are some adventures in the Maldives that you can’t experience anywhere else.

For a truly mesmerizing holiday, here are the eight unique experiences in the Maldives you can’t miss.

Unique Activities in the Maldives

There is something for everyone on this list of things to do in the Maldives. Whether you want a relaxing holiday or are planning to take part in some exhilarating outdoor adventures, this island getaway won’t disappoint. So get ready for an exciting journey through the most unique Maldives adventures.

Go Diving at The Shipyard

The Maldives is famous for its memorable scuba diving experiences. So for a unique time, why not swim amongst a shipwreck? The archipelago has several sites where you can base your exciting scuba adventure, but The Shipyard near the Lhaviyani Atoll is the most unique.

The Shipyard has a boat that sticks out of the water like a sore thumb and further down, you can explore a second shipwreck. Visibility in the water changes throughout the year, so make sure you know the best time to dive in the Maldives for crystal clear waters.

While in the waters, keep an eye out for the Maldives Big Five — manta rays, eagle rays, sea turtles, whale sharks, and dolphins. Besides plenty of marine life such as batshish and angelfish, there are loads of hard and soft coral for you to admire.

Scuba diving at the Shipyard allows you to see a variety of marine life and experience the best adventure in Maldives.

Enjoy a Romantic Treetop Dinner

Relax after an exciting day of Maldives activities by visiting the Waldorf Astoria on Ithaafushi Island for a treetop dinner at Terra restaurant. This unique part of the country has bamboo pods that perch just above the canopy, offering incomparable views of the Indian Ocean.

Each pod offers a private and secluded experience, making it one of the best things to do in the Maldives for couples. If the romantic setting isn’t enough, just wait until you hear the menu.

Dive right into your pick of perfectly cooked confit beef, succulent Norwegian salmon, or decadent Maldivian lobster, all of which are paired perfectly with an extensive wine list. Finish a delicious main meal with a chocolate-covered hazelnut cake or a palate cleansing sorbet.

While you feast on the Terra chef’s delicious food, don’t forget to admire the stunning sunsets as the sky transforms from baby blues to rich purples and oranges.

Help Save the Maldives Coral Reefs

Wondering what is the Maldives famous for, look no further than its vibrant coral reefs. However, these delicate organisms need help, so join the Reefscapers one day and save some diverse marine life. The Four Seasons Resort provides a unique opportunity for guests, as you can venture into the local lagoons and participate in depositing coral into the region.

Not only do you get to go scuba diving, but you are doing a good deed that will help preserve the crucial coral reefs that surround the Maldives archipelago. Over 2,000 species of fish call these coral reefs home, including endemic species to the region, such as the Maldives grubfish and triplefin.

By helping plant new coral, you’re saving marine life and giving the next generation a chance to see the beauty of the Maldives. Once you’ve helped save the coral reefs, take part in turtle feeding and monitoring, where you can learn about the different turtle species.

Go Night Swimming in a Glowing Sea

For a one-of-a-kind experience, visit the sea of stars on Vaadhoo Island. During the day, this is just like any other beach you can find in the Maldives, but the true magic of this glowing beach begins after sunset.

From mid-summer through until winter, bioluminescent plankton follows the warm waters to the Maldives Raa Atoll coastline. Once the sun goes down, the waves light up like the stars above in a mesmerizing blue glow.

Despite the water looking dangerous, it’s perfectly safe to swim with the plankton. The glowing waters around you is one of the best things to see in the Maldives. This is a relatively rare occurrence, as it relies on several factors such as currents, tides, plankton populations, and water conditions. Learn more about the Maldives beaches that glow so you can have a fantastic holiday that feels like heaven on Earth.

Leave Your Mark and Plant a Tree

Yes, tree planting isn’t what you had in mind for a luxurious holiday on an island oasis, but it is one of the more unique things to do in the Maldives. Several resorts across the archipelago allow you to plant a tree to commemorate your wonderful stay on their island.

Some resorts that include this fantastic initiative are the Emerald Maldives Resort and Spa, the Hideaway Beach Maldives, and the Lily Beach Resort and Spa. Photographs of your stay are a wonderful way to remember your holiday, but nothing beats leaving your mark by planting a tree.

The experience of digging into the rich soil and gently burying the roots of your new plant into the Earth is something special. Not only are your footprint in the Maldives through a living plant, but you’re also helping the Earth regenerate, one plant at a time.

Relax at an Underwater Spa

If you want an extravagant spa experience that is unlike any other, visit the Huvafen Fushi underwater spa. You can get a pampering spa treatment across the globe, but Havufen Fushi is the only place you can do so amongst the beautiful fish in the sea.

Experience a Maldives style thatched lappas on the outside, and upon entering, feel the sophisticated and clean palette of a relaxing spa lounge. Allow the heated hydrothermal cushions to move your body into a state of bliss as a rhythmic massage releases all your pent-up tension.

This is an experience like no other, with your body letting go of everything as you watch the fish dance amongst the coral reefs surrounding your private spa room. If an underwater spa tickles your fancy, another specialty of Maldives is the numerous underwater restaurants spread across the archipelago.

Experience Maldives on a Jet Ski Safari

As the ocean surrounds this beautiful country, it’s obvious that watersports will be the main activity to enjoy in the Maldives. A jet ski safari is a fantastic combination of watersports and an exploration of the islands around you.

At Kudadoo Maldives, enjoy a tailor-made experience where you choose what to do. You can traverse the Indian Ocean searching for dolphins or zip around the lagoon where manta rays are known to feed.

To make your jet ski safari even more special, take off on a romantic ride to the Dream Island Sandbank for a luxury dinner as a majestic backdrop of a colorful sky lights up the mood.

Enjoy Luxury Glamping Under the Stars

Spend your time in the Maldives gazing at the stars in Seaside Finolhu’s Beach Bubble. Enjoy all the luxuries of a modern hotel suite with one catch; nature will be all around you.

The Beach Bubble is precisely what the name suggests; a translucent dome encapsulates your room, giving you undisturbed views of the paradise around you.

From a private beachside barbeque and a full breakfast right at your doorstep, you can experience the Maldives in style. Although you essentially stay in a see-through bubble, you still have complete privacy with your campsite tucked away from the main resort.

Missing the sunrise or the starry night isn’t an issue, and you can start your day right by the breathtaking ocean. You do have to book a minimum three nights stay, but in all honesty, who doesn’t want to spend more than three nights gazing up at the stars?

Final Thoughts on the Unique Activities to Do in the Maldives

The Maldives is a vacation paradise for everyone, with several things that can make your stay just that bit more special. Don’t just relax on the beach during your holiday, as unique experiences on this luxury getaway island await you at every turn.

Enjoy an unforgettable Maldives holiday by experiencing a luxurious underwater spa or helping save the coral reef. No matter what you decide to do or where you stay, make sure you add some of these unique experiences to your holiday plans.

If you like the look of these unusual and exciting activities, take a look at the Maldives attractions to help build your ultimate holiday bucket list.