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Getting Started

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • When is the best time to visit the Maldives?
    Maldives is located on the equator, and temperatures of air and water are always the same. So with much confidence we say – any time is a great time! Air is 28-34 Celsius and water is around 28-30 Celsius all year round. Theoretically, there are two seasons: wet season from May to October and dry season from November to April, but due to the global warming and climate change there is no way to guarantee a specific weather in any of the months. It may rain during the high season and be quite dry during the low season. The sunniest months are Jan, Feb and March. The rains are usually tropical showers that start unexpectedly and end pretty fast and then sun is out again and everything is back to normal. If you are too worried about the rains, you may opt to book a longer stay if you are traveling from May to October.
  • When is the least expensive time to travel?
    During the low season the resorts have very attractive special offers with up to 40% accommodation discounts, transfer upgrades, meal plan upgrades etc. If you are living in a hot country where summers are just unbearably hot (UAE, Qatar etc) you have a great opportunity to escape that heat and benefit from the special offers at the same time. If you live in a colder climate, travelling during the low season would still give you a proper summer, also at a great rate. Travelling during Jan, Feb and March would give you more sun during the day but the rates will be higher too. The most expensive period is from mid-December until mid Jan, this is peak season when the resorts have a festive program for Christmas and New Year, the rates are twice-trice or even more higher than they usually are.
  • What is the most ideal number of nights to stay?
    Many people believe Maldives is a short stay destination but we disagree. To fully experience the destination a minimum stay of 7 nights is preferable, we have guests staying for 2 and 3 weeks. On the other hand, we also have guests coming for short weekends 3-5 nights, so it is absolutely up to the amount of time you can give to this incredible island.
  • What are popular things to do in the Maldives?
    Apart from swimming, tanning and enjoying delicious food you can also participate in other activities: diving, snorkeling, having fun doing water sports (jet skis, kayaks, SUP boards, flying boards, fun tubes, iAqua, surfing in certain areas, kite surfing etc), boat trips (sunset cruises, dolphin cruises, local island visits), fishing including the traditional fishing and big game fishing, SPA treatments, private dinners and picnics on uninhabited islands or even an overnight on an uninhabited island (available at very few places, please contact us to get more details). Some resorts offer unique experiences like dining in the underwater restaurant or glamping in the beach bubble. You can check out our full list of things to do in Maldives here.
  • Do I need a visa to enter the Maldives?
    All travelers visiting the Maldives will receive a a free visa stamp with 30 days validity upon arrival. The entry requirements can be found here - https://www.immigration.gov.mv/tourist-visa/.
  • What if I have dietary restrictions?
    Maldives resorts are very attentive to guests' preferences. The higher standard of the resort, the more attention their staff will provide. Some properties can arrange a gluten free / lactose free / diary free / vegetarian food for you. Halal food is easily arranged because Maldives is a Muslim country. Kosher food can also be arranged in some properties too.
  • Is Maldives good for honeymooners or family travelers?
    This island is a great getaway for all ages! Maldives is a well-known honeymooners destination because of the romantic ambiance you get in your private villa, dinners on the beach, sharing sunsets together and all, however it doesn’t mean it is not suitable for families. Many resorts have kids clubs for kids 4-12 years old with special program for the young guests, babysitting services are available, kids menus in the restaurants. The climate is very mild, the lagoons are comfortable for swimming, and there are no big waves. Making the Maldives perfect for a family vacation, when the whole family can spend quality time together and have fun!
  • Do I need to book a transfer to the resort myself?
    All that we require is that your international flights are taken care of by you. The rest of your stay in the Maldives will be taken care of by our team. Transfer from Velana International Airport (MLE) in Male to your resort and back will be included as well as all the mandatory taxes and charges not visible on travel aggregator’s websites. Please let us know the time of your estimated arrival and departure before you actually book the flight because there are certain time restrictions for selected mode of transportation here in the Maldives. We will also need your exact flight numbers so the transfer company can be prepared for your actual arrival time.
  • Is it better to book breakfast only or All Inclusive?
    You will spend much more of your vacation budget if you pre-purchase breakfast only. Given that you will likely be on a private island owned by your resort, you'll be restricted to dining only at the restaurants onsite. Those prices can be astronomical. We believe it's a much more enjoyable "pampering" vacation experience if you have all of your meals already included in your stay. With regards to All Inclusive, it depends on the resort and the price difference between the meal plans. Some All Inclusive meal plans may include the main restaurant while additional a la carte restaurants may be fully chargeable. Other resorts’ All Inclusive meal plans are very comprehensive and even have additional benefits in addition to the dine-around option to eat from the main restaurant and a la carte restaurants. Please check with us first if you have any questions regarding which restaurants are included in your meal plan.
  • Are there alcohol restrictions in the resorts?
    You cannot bring any alcohol to the Maldives, as it is forbidden at the capital Male, where your flight will arrive. So do not buy anything in the Duty Free as it will be taken from you on arrival and given back only on departure from the country. The resorts get a special license to import alcohol, so there are no restrictions when you are already on the resort island. That is where you will consume any alcohol if you choose. For our Muslim guests or guests who do not consume alcohol we can always ask the resort to remove the alcoholic beverages from the villa, if needed.
  • What is the electricity requirement?
    On the Maldives the power plug sockets are of type D and G. The standard voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. There are adaptors for guests use in the villas, but if you have a lot of devices you may want to grab your own additional adaptor with you.
  • What is the Maldives Time Zone?
    GMT+5. However some resorts implement their own island time, that is usually 1 hour ahead of the official Maldives time, in order to give the guests the additional hour of day light. If the resort has its own island time, you will get informed about it right upon the arrival to the island.
  • What is the local currency?
    The local currency is Maldivian Rufiyyah (MVR), however surprisingly none of resorts accept MVR. USD is the main currency in the resorts and you may also pay in Euro but due to the exchange rate It may be not very convenient. The cards are accepted everywhere. Please note that USD bank notes should be without any visible defects and the issue year should be later than 2006.
  • Is there tipping in the Maldives?
    Tipping in the Maldives is not mandatory as most of resorts include the 10% service charge to the bill, however it is very common for guests to tip for any outstanding service received as a gesture of appreciation. Especially in the Spa, to room attendants or a butler who took care of you during the stay. It is not mandatory or even expected, but it is most certainly appreciated. As always, thank you for supporting our locals!